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A summary of all the principal grammatical forms, with tables of nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc, with some explanations, and a glossary of English grammar.

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The Open University offers UK adults a chance to take a degree in classical Latin over an extended period of time. They offer free starter materials with their Getting started on classical Latin and also an introduction to the language and pronunciation. 


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Get Started in Latin (2014)

Get Started in Latin 2014 - image

GDA Sharpley
Hodder & Stoughton [UK]
McGraw Hill [USA]


Book only 978-1444174786
Book plus audio pack 978-1444174779
Audio only 978-1444174762

 Sharpley’s shorter course for beginners is the most obvious way forward for beginners to continue after his day ‘Latin for Beginners’.

Online supports are here, including the translation of the story.

This title is a new edition (2014) of Get Started in Latin (2010) and Teach Yourself Beginner’s Latin (1997/2003).

The Complete Latin Course

The Complete Latin Course - image

GDA Sharpley
ISBN 978-0415596459

The longer of the two Sharpley courses. Selections from actual authors present a historical survey of ancient Rome, including chapters on life and society. This course provides a detailed and comprehensive approach to the language, with plenty of practice exercises. The 2019 reprint is recommended.

Online supports are here.