Hear four stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

recorded during a live online performance on 13th December 2021

read by

Ben Cartlidge, Matthew Hargreaves, Andy Keen, Emma Kirkby, Katie Marshall, Llewelyn Morgan and George Sharpley

Baucis and Philemon – Rembrandt

Cristina Anason-Lewis reads three of Catullus’ Lesbia poems – with a nod to his inspiration, Sappho.¬†¬†

Matthew Hargreaves reading Virgil - image Juno visits the underworld

Ovid Metamorphoses 4

Matthew Hargreaves reads Ovid’s description of the unwelcoming world below.


Latin in performance

George Sharpley on the spoken word in the ancient world.

Orpheus and Eurydice

Two versions of the same tale told here, one by the poet Ovid, read by Llewelyn Morgan (pictured), and the other from Virgil’s Georgics, read by Suzannah Lipscomb and George Sharpley

The Song of Arms and a Man

This dramatic presentation of Virgil’s Aeneid made it to Gloucester, Bristol, Oxford, Godalming and Cambridge before coming to an abrupt halt, like everything else. The Song of Arms and a Man will return before long.

Coming to Roman Bath …

on Saturday 19th February 2022

Tales from the Metamorphoses

Spend a day at this beautiful historic site hearing myths that have long inspired writers and artists 

Pyramus & Thisbe – Andreas Nesselthaler

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