Saturday 1st February 2020
Coming to Roman Bath

Who were the daughters of the night?
How did Arachne so upset Minerva?
Ever seen the underworld?
What’s in a curse?

The Romans and their gods

Roman Bath Sulis Minerva - image



These colourful fabulous figures enliven the literature of the Romans. But what of their darker side, those mysterious powers with chilling consequences for mortals who err in some way or who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Religious beliefs embraced the ‘personality’ gods who figure in ancient literature and art, like Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and also all kinds of less visible spirits.

All texts are read in English – and heard in Latin too.

with George Sharpley
10am-4pm, Saturday 1st February

Call the Roman Bath museum on 01225 477773
10am – 4pm, Saturday 1st February 2020

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Fishbourne Roman Palace on 23rd May

An introduction to Latin pronunciation and grammar

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Song of Arms and a ManThe Song of Arms and a Man

Latin readings from Virgil’s Aeneid, with an English narration.

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