The Song of Arms and a Man in London

The Aeneid at King’s College London

on Saturday 28th March 2020


Sadly they’re not live, but here are two readings by George Sharpley, both set in the underworld. In the first Aeneas addresses the spirit of Dido; in the second, one of the Furies goes about her business. An English translation is read first, then the Latin.

Saturday 21st March 2020
at Gloucester Cathedral

The Romans and their gods


George Sharpley reads Horace’s ode to the spring, Fons Bandusiae. 
Text and translation in the Course Notes (Odes 3.13).

The Romans and their Gods is also coming to …

Fishbourne Roman Palace on 23rd May


Roman Bath Sulis Minerva - image



Hear readings

from Matthew Hargreaves, Emma Kirkby and George Sharpley

University of Bristol

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