The Complete Latin Course (Routledge, 2014)

ISBN: 978-0415596459



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Get Started in Latin (Hodder/Hachette, 2014)

ISBN: Book only   978-1444174786
Book with audio pack    978-1444174779
Audio only   978-1444174762


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Translations for previous editions of

Get Started in Latin and Teach Yourself Beginner’s Latin





The two courses published in 2014, Get Started in Latin and The Complete Latin Course, each have supports on this site – translations, grammar, vocabulary and more. For online supports: The Complete Latin Course and Get Started in Latin.


If you have not decided which of these two courses to follow, I suggest Get Started for beginners studying on their own, and The Complete Latin Course for returners or for beginners who are guided by a teacher or working in groups.


For more information on these courses follow the links on this page. To buy either course, you will see ISBNs and other details for online or bookshop purchase.


If you have a question (and cannot find the answer in the online supports!) send it to us via the Contact details.


Enjoy your Latin!


George Sharpley