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The Complete Latin Course

(GDA Sharpley, Routledge)

Scroll down to hear selections read aloud, or access translations, answers to exercises, word lists, course texts (with and without macrons), grammar tables (with a choice of layout—USA and UK) and a glossary of grammatical words.

Hear course readings

Some of the ancient texts are read aloud

Course readings (with macrons)

Ancient texts from the Complete Latin Course

Course readings (without macrons)

Ancient texts without macrons – to assist search/find


Translations of the Latin texts in the Complete Latin Course


Answers to exercises and practice questions


Words are included progressively, with new words added in red to each further list

Latin grammar

Nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns and numerals

Poetic metres

A summary of poetic metres, including a list of the different metres appearing in the Complete Latin Course. For more support on pronunciation and reading poetry, visit Language support.