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Resources and books supporting Latin Qvarter courses

Roman Britain: a sourcebook

by Stanley Ireland

Routledge (3rd edition 2008)

ISBN: 978-0415471787

A very useful compendium of the literary sources on Roman Britain: Julius Caesar, Cassius Dio, Tacitus and more (all translated into English).

Roman Britain

by Richard Hobbs and Ralph Jackson

British Museum

ISBN: 978-0714150611

Well-illustrated overview of the contribution of archaeology to our knowledge of Britain under the Romans.

The Roman Audience

TP Wiseman


ISBN: 978-0198718352

A must for historians of the ancient world or Latin literature. Wiseman's arguments will unsettle mainstream views on literary Rome and give us much to think about. If you ever wondered why there were no female poets published in ancient Rome, the answer is here; with a lot else besides.


Mary Beard

Profile Books

ISBN: 978-1846683817

The most readable and incisive account of Roman history available in a single volume. Professor Beard is never afraid to give a view, and not everyone will agree with all of them. A thoroughly stimulating read for both beginners and seasoned historians.

Virgil, The Aeneid

Translated by David West

Penguin Classics

ISBN: 978-0140449327

A prose translation which captures that freshness of the lost epic world in clear modern idiom.

Get Started in Latin (2014)

GDA Sharpley
Hodder & Stoughton [UK]
McGraw Hill [USA]    

Book only  978-1444174786

Book plus audio pack 978-1444174779

Audio only   978-1444174762

If you have met Mulus and his friends, this is the course to find out what happened next. Sharpley's shorter course for beginners is the most obvious way forward for beginners to continue after his Latin for Beginners day.

Try a sample here - Online supports  - About the course

This title is a new edition (2014) of Get Started in Latin (2010) and Teach Yourself Beginner's Latin (1997/2003).

The Complete Latin Course

GDA Sharpley


ISBN  978-0415596459

The longer of Sharpley's two courses. Selections from actual authors present a historical survey of ancient Rome, including chapters on life and society. This course provides a detailed and comprehensive approach to the language, with plenty of practice exercises. Online supports are here.

A Brief History of the Roman Empire

Stephen P Kershaw


ISBN: 978-1780330488

Most of the usual suspects figure in Kershaw's wry take on Roman history, which is light on detail but refreshingly free from academic cliché.


Reading Latin Epitaphs

John Parker

ISBN  978-1905816057

The Exeter Press

An excellent companion for anyone seeking to read Latin epitaphs in churches and elsewhere.
Beginners' Latin course - Sharpley

Latin for Beginners (2016)

Texts and translations for follow-up after the Latin-for-beginners course (2016)

Horace Odes and Epodes

Niall Rudd

ISBN  978-0674996090 


The usual Loeb format, with the Latin text of the Odes and Epodes on the left and Rudd's dependable translation on the facing page. An insightful survey of Horace in the introduction. All the metres are listed.

The Complete Odes and Epodes

David West

ISBN  978-0199555277

Oxford Paperbacks

David West's verse translation of the Odes and Epodes, with helpful notes in the introduction and for each poem.

First steps in Latin Grammar

An introduction to the cases, with cartoon exercises.
  Glossary of grammatical words Sometimes the technical words that go with learning something are as much of a challenge as the subject itself. Here you can get to grips with cases, tenses and the rest.

Ovid  Metamorphoses 3

ed. AAR Henderson

Bristol Classical Press/Bloomsbury

ISBN: 978-0906515020

The brief introduction places the book in its ancient context. Notes serve primarily to aid comprehension of the Latin but also give aesthetic and antiquarian information. A vocabulary is included.

Reading Virgil: Aeneid I and II

ed. Peter Jones


ISBN: 978-0521171540

Comprehensive edition of first two books of the Aeneid, complete with detailed support and literary/technical glossing.

Virgil: Aeneid II

ed. R. Jordan

Bristol Classical Press

ISBN: 978-1853995422

Helpful school/college text with introduction, notes and vocabulary. Slimmer than the above.

The Aeneid

Sarah Ruden


ISBN:  978-0300151411

Prose translations are generally used to support students facing uphill translation tasks. Verse ones are more idiosyncratic, perhaps, each revealing as much about the new poet as the old. This relatively recent work may buck that trend: English lines hum along in close company with the Latin.


for Latin film AD61

Worksheets – with answersheets for teachers – to support the DVD of spoken Latin 'AD61'  [see more]

Horace, Odes and Epodes

Translated by Niall Rudd

Loeb Classical Library

ISBN: 978-0674996090

Latin text with English translation on facing pages, with a scholarly introduction to Horace and all the Greek metres which the poet transplants into Latin.

Niall Rudd reads Ode 1.11 here

Juvenal and Persius

Translated by Susanna Braund

Loeb Classical Library

ISBN: 978-0674996120

Latin text with English translation on facing pages, with an introduction  to both poets; captures well the ancient world in modern idiom.

Mediaeval Latin Lyrics

Helen Waddell
Four Courts Press
ISBN: 978-1846821066

Latin text with English translation on facing pages: a medley of medieval verses with Waddell's much admired translations.

Lives of the Caesars

Catharine Edwards

Oxford Paperbacks

ISBN: 978-0199537563

A fresh translation and thoroughly good read.

Tacitus, The Annals

Translated by AJ Woodman

Hackett Pub Co Inc

ISBN - 978-0872205581

Michael Grant's version in Penguin still has many admirers, though the modernisms of his day seem out of place to some critics.

Get Started in Latin

GDA Sharpley
Hodder & Stoughton [UK]
McGraw Hill [USA]    
ISBN: 978-0071739405
This title is a new edition (2010) of 
Teach Yourself Beginner's Latin

Sharpley's coursebook for beginners is used in the Latin Qvarter classes for newcomers to Latin. There is a newer edition of this course.

Essential Latin

GDA Sharpley


ISBN: 978-0415213202

A new much enlarged edition [due 2014] is currently the core material for post-beginner classes at The Latin Qvarter.

Kennedy's Revised Latin Primer


ISBN: 978-0582362406

Great survivor, still the clearest grammar available; not as much detail as Gildersleeve & Lodge, but more than enough for most needs.

Pocket Latin Dictionary


ISBN: 978-3468971075

A dictionary that doesn't fall to pieces too quickly; gives English-Latin as well as Latin-English, with accurate marking of long vowels (in the Latin-English only).

Vox Latina

WS Allen

Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 978-0521379366

Allen's work is close to its 50th anniversary and yet remains the best summary of Latin pronunciation (in English).


DVD of ancient Romans speaking Latin The LATIN QVARTER

ISBN: 978-0952807162

The Romans talk Latin on camera. Check the links for a clip of the film, text, translation and downloadable worksheets.

See more and download text

Download worksheets

See film-clip

  A Glossary of Grammatical Words

Find help here with the linguistic words used in the study of Latin ('cases', etc).

See glossary

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