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Latin in the Cloisters 2016

Students' feedback                                                                                          Press and media

for George Sharpley's tour of cathedrals in spring 2016:


"A thoroughly enjoyable day, great fun and not at all intimidating. I wish we had been taught in this way at school. It would have made a lot more sense!"

"Reignited my interest in the roots and origins of our language." 

"The course was a mix of Latin syntax, language history and Roman literature ... all the elements were very skilfully interwoven to illustrate how each subject naturally informed the other. It was rich entertainment and very stimulating."

"George Sharpley is an inspiring teacher."

"His relaxed, good humoured approach along with his depth of knowledge on all aspects of Latin and his continuing interest in his subject is inspiring. It was a far cry from the dead language I had been taught more than 50 years ago."

"I learned more in two hours that I did in two years at school."

"Really enjoyed the course, which will hopefully give me the impetus to finally learn a language to a reasonable standard, and understand the source of much of the English language, with a little classical history thrown in."

"Brilliant teaching - entertaining and effective."

"Very impressed by how such a diverse audience was drawn in and made to feel accepted at any age/background knowledge."

"Both encouraging and entertaining. A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile day."


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Latin language classes, courses, readings, books and films